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What Is Immediate Evex?

When you think of a connector, Immediate Evex fits that role perfectly. The website connects individuals zealous about acquiring investment knowledge with companies who have a wealth of experience, gained mastery of this topic, and can effectively transfer the knowledge to them.

As a connecting website, it aims to expose numerous individuals to the different arms and branches of investments through listed investment education firms. After registering, individuals will expand their investment vocabularies, think and speak like experts, build their network, and be trained to make sound financial decisions.

Built to match modern-day needs, Immediate Evex has an impeccable user interface that translates to an excellent user experience. The website is accessible and easy for those with zero or minimal investment knowledge.

To make the registration process smoother and less stressful, interested learners will receive instructions from representatives of investment education firms Immediate Evex joins them with. Also, they will receive login details, study schedules, study resources, etc., from the firms they register with.

Immediate Evex is free to register on. Interested learners do not need to pay a cent to connect to an investment education firm.

Get Well-grounded Investment Education

Gain basic and advanced knowledge of the investment landscape and make refined investment decisions when you connect with experts through Immediate Evex.

Build your Investment Learning

Become an Investment Expert through Learning

Climb the ladder of mastery fast as you connect with a proficient investment education firm with Immediate Evex's help. Don’t fall victim to educators with half-baked knowledge and imposters in the investment world. Understand investment terms, categories, strategies, types, trends, risks, and risk management processes.

Data Privacy

Enjoy Data Privacy with Immediate Evex

Immediate Evex connects you with educators who are transparent about data collection, use, storage, transfer, or discard.

With Immediate Evex, you can be confident that your data will be used by educators as stipulated.

Great User Interface

Positive User Experience Guaranteed

No hidden messages or agendas. Receive clear instructions through Immediate Evex. Access essential information through clear copies and direct CTA buttons.

Fill out registration forms quickly. No coding, programming, engineering, or other advanced tech skills are required to use Immediate Evex.

Supercharge your Investment Skills

No Terms and Conditions

Most websites and service providers often apply terms and conditions to their offerings. In the case of Immediate Evex and its listed investment education firms, no terms and conditions apply to persons who register to learn about investments.

Smooth Registration Process

Register fast by filling out a registration form on the Immediate Evex. There are no numerous registration steps. Provide correct personal details: first name, last name, email address, and phone number, and you're good to go. Expect a call from the investment education firm we pair you with to welcome you and prepare for your learning journey.

What is an Investment?

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In business and finance, an investment refers to exchanging money for assets that will increase in value and bring profit when resold. A person can choose to invest in different types of assets: hedge funds, stocks, mutual funds, etc. Yet, investing in these assets attracts numerous kinds of risks. A few investment terms you would get to learn more on are;

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation balances your investments to limit the risks you’ll be open to. It balances risk against reward. To achieve this, it adjusts the percentage of each asset in a portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance.

Blue Chip

A blue chip is a company’s investment (stock) that has yielded well after a long time. The stock is often low-risk and high-quality. Companies with this investment are often large, operated for several years, have huge earnings, and pay dividends.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar cost averaging is investing the same amount of money. The investment often takes place at specific periods over a long time. In the case of Dollar cost averaging, a person invests a fixed amount to purchase more shares when asset prices are low. Also, they purchase less when prices are high.

What is Investment Learning?

Learning is an unending cycle. It is not limited to the four walls of colleges, driving schools, vocational training centers, etc. As people learn vigorously about other stuff, so is the investment world open to learning about.

Investment learning is gaining detailed and practical knowledge and skills about purchasing assets. Through investment education, people learn the different kinds of assets they can invest in, how to invest in the right kind of assets, how to use investment statistics to make decisions, and how to strategize.

Persons interested in learning about investment will discover the risks of investing in its different forms and how to manage them. Also, they will discover factors that affect investment performance. This will help people become less stressed or disappointed with less income or profit. All of this is Immediate Evex's goal for ensuring people get investment education.

Types of Investments

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In this kind of investment, a person saves or makes payments to an insurance company to be paid later in life. A person starts getting paid after the payment is annuitized. Types of annuities are qualified employee, single life, tax-sheltered, joint and survivor, variable, and fixed.

Precious Metals

Individuals interested in investment education should understand that assets they can also invest in are precious metals. Precious metals include platinum, gold, silver, palladium, and ruthenium. To invest in these metals, a person can buy and resell them when their prices increase, or they have a high market demand.


An option is an investment contract between two parties. Here, the holder can buy or sell an asset at a set price within a timeframe. The investment requires a down payment, a contract size, an expiration date, and no obligation to sell. Its types are call, put, American, and European.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-traded fund investments monitor a particular industry, asset, index, or commodity. An ETF is eligible for purchase or sale on the stock exchange. This investment reduces risks as it allows portfolio diversification. Types of ETFs are bond ETFs, currency ETFs, inverse ETFs, commodity ETFs, stock ETFs, and industry ETFs.

Categories of Investment

Investment falls under three broad categories: low-cost investment, cash or cash-equivalent investment, and equity-related investment.

Low-cost investments place massive importance on reducing costs associated with managing a portfolio. A person can choose an exchange-traded fund or index funds to reduce costs. Also, an investor can reduce turnover and avoid commission fees.

Cash or cash-equivalent investments are assets that can be invested in for a short term, converted to cash, and have low risks. Examples of cash equivalents are marketable securities, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, and treasury bills.

An equity-related investment is purchasing a company’s shares in the stock market. The shares can later be traded on a stock exchange. The benefit of this investment category is its potential to increase in value. Inflation, liquidity, currency, and credit risks are common equity investment risks.

Registering on Immediate Evex gives you a broader understanding of these categories when we link you to an educator.

What is an Investment Education Firm?

Many people seem oblivious to the fact that investment learning is a thing. The more people are unaware of this fact, the more they fall victim to terrible issues in the investment sphere. Avoiding this situation is one of the core responsibilities of the investment education firms Immediate Evex connects you to.

An investment education company impacts learners with sound investment knowledge. The educators in these firms apply their wealth of experience to give theoretical teachings and hands-on training.

The firm helps learners pay zero attention to investment myths and mistakes. Some myths are: you need a lot of money to invest, it's the gateway to unending wealth, the risks outweigh the benefits, you need to be rich to invest, etc. Likewise, they might help learners invest wisely and gain the confidence they never had about investments.

Regularly, the firms organize training for learners online and offline. Experts provide quality training resources to support learning and set up practical sessions where learners interact using investment terms, invest, and identify their risk tolerance levels. With this, learners will gradually discard the get-rich-quick mindset, learn the nitty-gritty of investments, and develop commendable and lasting investment skills.

Through the training, learners will interact with and gain clarifications from the investment industry experts. This way, they will learn from their mistakes and bold steps they took in the past. In general, persons in investment education firms will share fundamental and advanced knowledge about investment with learners.

Investment vs. Trading

Immediate Evex is particular about shedding light on these terms. Investment involves buying an asset liable to increase in profit over time. The two major investment styles are active investing and passive investing. On the other hand, trading is the frequent buying and selling of assets to generate short term returns. Trading styles include arbitrage, scalping, stock market, day trading, etc.

The major similarity between both concepts is that they involve buying and selling assets, generating profit, encountering and managing risks, and having loss potential. Trading requires buying an asset for a short time. On the contrary, investment takes longer. When you register on Immediate Evex, you will be directed to a company that can expound them from an expert’s point of view.

Risks Associated with Investment

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Credit Risk

Default is often unavoidable in investment. Parties involved in an investment may not fulfill their contract's end, posing an investment risk. A credit risk is when a value falls because a person fails to pay a principal or interest.

Foreign Exchange Risk

This risk applies when one invests in a different country other than their home country. Foreign exchange risk occurs when an investment cannot produce income, profit, or returns because the foreign country is experiencing problems like economic recession, war, inflation, etc.

Concentration Risk

Focusing on a single asset can be a disadvantage in investment. There is concentration risk when a person loses profit when they invest in only one security or a type of security. Diversification is an effective way to manage this risk.

Inflation Risk

Inflation risk is when an investment loses its purchasing power because it cannot generate higher profit than inflation. When inflation reduces an investment’s profit, investors will also lose their risk tolerance ability.

Longevity Risk

This is the risk of exceeding one's savings or investment profits while still alive. In this case, the person involved must look for another income source. If they can’t work anymore, they will not be getting any returns again.

Horizon Risk

Horizon risk is the risk of shortening the expected time that an investor should hold an asset due to unplanned and unfortunate circumstances. This could be the loss of a loved one or their job. Reducing the hold time can cause the investment to lose value.

To sum it up

The investment world is bigger and riskier to enter without taking proper training. Investment education exposes people who desire to learn about investment to everything they need to know. Investment education firms ensure to provide all resources to make the learning process engaging and productive.

As the investment learning journey continues, learners will become familiar with investment risks and identify their risk tolerance capacity. Sign up for free on Immediate Evex today to participate in this initiative. Once you do that, a representative from one of our listed invested education firms will contact and guide you via phone.


What will Immediate Evex teach me?

Immediate Evex will not teach you about investments. We will only share generic information about investments on our website. Our primary role is to help you sign up on our website so that an investment education firm can teach you.

Will I qualify as an expert after learning

Immediate Evex ensures that it lists companies whose investment lessons are in-depth and will leave no investment stone unturned during all sessions. After you're studying for sometime, you'll have ample knowledge like you've been in the industry for decades.

Is the schedule flexible

Yes, the teaching schedule is designed to suit your availability. Immediate Evex understands flexibility, so it ensures that the education firms it works with permit you to join your class whenever available, whether because of your job, health status, etc.

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